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Join us in Peru!

This December 11-20 for an Incredible Experience you will never forget!

Machu Picchu has a serious gravitional pull..and millions have traveled to see it. Yet, how many have made a difference to the people along the way?

Come to experience Peruvian culture as you ponder how this Incan civilization was built. It will be a Rich Journey of History, Mystery, Natural Beauty, Adventure, Contribution and a lot of Fun!

With Giving Adventures you don’t just travel, you travel with Purpose!

Join our Giving Adventures Team!

Have your Camera Ready!

Our 10 day trip will be starting at high elevation in Cusco (just over 11,000 ft.) we will get acquainted with the area, tour the city, enjoy activities, and acclimate for a couple days.

From there we will be traveling through the Sacred Valley to Pisac and Ollantaytambo enjoying the sights along the way.

We will start our Contribution in Antanuca and Rumira where our first project is located. On the farm, we will help harvest food to distribute to the schools. We will get to meet the children, play games, and even have an opportunity to teach English!

Then off to our Big Project in Cacchicata where we will be distributing the Solar Kits in that area!

After our Traditional Pachamanca feast and Celebration with the local people, the Journey will take us to Aguas Calientes.

Next up, to Explore Machu Picchu! And what a Spectacular sight…you will see!

Touring back through the Sacred Valley, one stop will be in Yanahuara to work with a local woman and her children who will teach us how to make adobe bricks.

Our trip will end back in Cusco where will Celebrate, Reflect and Not want to Leave!

During our trip you will also have free time to Explore


You may email for more information.

Why Provide Solar?

6.5 Million People in Peru are without Electricity.
That is over 20% of the population.

In the remote Andes Mountains, the sun sets by 6pm year round. Because people do not have any electricity, they either go to sleep at that time, use kerosene lamps, candles or lanterns with disposable batteries for lighting.

  • These options are expensive, pose health and safety risks and pollute the environment.
  • People can spend 20% or more of their income on fuel sources.
  • Many children and elders suffer from respiratory problems and burns because of kerosene lanterns.
  • The carbon emissions from kerosene use also contribute to climate change.
  • Many families just do without light after the sun sets.

Can you imagine what your life would be like without light?

Our Giving Partner Buen Power Peru is a social organization that brings Solar Lights to the native populations, living in remote locations like the Andes and the Jungles of Peru.

One light can change a family’s life forever!

By helping us bring solar lights to these people, children can read and study to get a better education, and they will have opportunities in life.

Women are able to work on weavings in the evenings and make more income for their families.

Men can work in their fields longer and have light to safely come home with.

Thank You for Caring and Joining our Team!

Click to Help Fund the Solar

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10 Day Package Includes Accommodations, Transportation, Meals and Activities!
2,650.00 for the Main Package! *plus 1 Home with Solar!
3,400.00 for Main Package *plus 5 Homes with Solar!
4,150.00 for Main Package *plus 10 Homes with Solar!

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2,650.00 for the Main Package!
*plus 1 Home with Solar!

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3,400.00 for Main Package
*plus 5 Homes with Solar!

4,150.00 for Main Package
*plus 5 Homes with Solar!

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