Monica Von - Giving Adventures

Greetings and Welcome!
I’m Monica Von, Founder of Giving Adventures!

My goal is to Inspire People to Be More and Do More.

I believe Giving is Key to a Fulfilling Life.
Some of the MOST Rewarding times in my Life have been wrapped around Giving. That is where my Heart lies. I was a part of Giving and Volunteer Projects at a young age and since then, my Participation and Impact has grown in many ways taking me to 5 different countries.

As an Oregon girl I hold an Infinity for the Outdoors, Rainbows and have a knack for finding four leaf Clovers. With my Love of Adventure, Passion for People, Traveling and Making a Difference… I wanted to join the Peace Corp when I was in high school, yet, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the 2 years they required at that time. After a fews years of travel, living and working in Alaska and Mexico I moved to Las Vegas to study Travel and Tourism.

Why? Main 3 reasons: to create a Lifestyle that was Seasonal, to operate on the International level and it ALL had to have Meaning.

I have on long history of being in the hospitality industry, and while I enjoy Creating Memorable Moments and Sharing New things, my Favorite is all the People I’ve met from across the Globe!

I am a Conscious Capitalist, Seeker of Personal Growth and Lover of Great food and Wine. I Value Collaboration and Believe We ALL have so much to Give AND We can have a lot of Fun doing it!

I believe We Are All Here for All of Us! I want to Make a Difference in this World and I want your Help 🙂

CHEERS to Connecting with you & Living Life to the Fullest!!